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Web Development

Our Web Programmers use definite expansion practices for appropriate delivery, budget regulation and complete success.

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We identify the installation ins and outs of all CMS platforms and the software design code it requires to operate them competently.

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Compute Corp understands that each website wants a residence to live and be regained from (when someone visits your site).

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Web Games

Obviously there are a numerous kinds of web games, but Flash games and Facebook games are undoubtedly the best popular.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting facility is a kind of Internet hosting facility that lets persons and establishments to mark their personal.

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Social Media

Social networking applications allow individuals to intermingle with their social acquaintances. Social Media is a new-fangled medium connecting

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Compute Corp is a company based in India that develops websites and is all set to deal completely with strategic and technological matters, along with website development of companies with Content strategies, corporate identity & branding, E-Commerce solutions, Multi-tiered web-based application development, CRM solutions, and Supply chain management. At Compute Corp, development of websites also comprises of graphics designers who work in synergy, providing for not just the appearance and experience, but the entire customer consideration, from the individual periphery to directing customer needs and achieving the purpose of web application. 

Designing a website is a procedure that comprises of various actions for making of web pages. Enormous quantities of pages are contained in web that displays the data by means of hypertext or hypermedia and is provided to customers via internet with the use of web browser. The main objective of designing a website is to make websites that can consist of numerous web pages with essential information to fulfill the central requirement.

Planning a website design is an intricate process and contains a number of significant features concerning it. These consist of information, serviceability, looks and formation.

Compute Corp, recognizes its customers business and present them with innovative but economical tailored web design services. May it be a static website or an dynamic website with intricate utilities; we provide you with a tailored website design and development along with graphic / flash website design with appropriate navigation and file structure to include ability for online advertising. We present you specialized website design with easy to use interface that assists you in getting and holding on clients.

Compute Corp- web developing company handles web assignments of any intricacy and period. If you require a modest, attractive web site, a composite e-commerce web application or company website – Compute Corp will be pleased to initiate a trade bond with you.

 We utilize advanced web development platforms and software tools for website development services like: Java, JSP, JavaScript, Servlets, Perl, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP and HTML, XML, WAP etc.