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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Solution for Information Sharing

The customer is a foremost energy corporation, whose chief undertakings are investigation, and manufacture of crude oil, and natural gas, refining and marketing, and petrochemicals. The client purposely outsourced growth of their EAI solution to Compute Corp, together with first-rate program organization roles.


The customer has numerous local Business Units (BUs) over the sphere. There has been a persistent necessity for info generated and stored by one BU to be made accessible to different BUs. The EAI solution is an business-wide enterprise that has been caused from this commercial necessity to assimilate diverse schemes functioning in diverse BUs. To attain the anticipated welfares, it was indispensable to have robust EAI solution services in permutation with an offshore-based expansion exemplary structure to decrease TCO.


Compute Corp concentrates on the subsequent crucial challenges:

  • EAI solution roadmap formation and buy-in from diverse assignments, comprising ordering of improvements of the EAI elucidation. Leveraging regular products to swap with practice-code wherever conceivable to increase sustenance
  • Attaining scaled economies whereas assisting the EAI solution positioned in diverse topographies
  • Plummeting total price of the package but growing acceptance of the EAI solution by diverse ventures
  • Refining the structural design and scalability of the EAI solution and applying a Common Shared Language of XML

Our Solution

The striking facts of Compute Corp services are:

  • Prearrange EAI solution roadmap once consultations with all investors and clienteles are complete meanwhile leveraging business-best practices.
  • Arrangement of an Integration Competency Centre with skilled EAI assets over India, UK, and USA, who contracted the product improvement and sustenance and conveyance of incorporation services.
  • Improved the architecture for better usability, scalability and ease of deployment
  • Issue novel varieties to improve the EAI solution, that utilizes both custom and standard constituents. Providing the subsequent methods over a united Operations portal
    • Auditing of business events
    • Reference data-mapping across various systems
    • Monitoring and management of the components
    • Workflow management for exception-handling
    • Sequencing of business events
  • Offer worldwide level 3 support for the EAI solution from the US, UK and Bangalore
  • Describe a rendezvous structure for conveying the EAI Solution to ventures and offer ways to measure the corporate welfares of the services
  • Dipping total budget of the package by enhancing usage of Global Delivery Model

As per portion of the total service, Compute Corp also settled up an adapter and interface development factory which proposes its amenities to ventures for organizing the EAI Solution. Compute Corp has also started an information administration gateway of the EAI Solution.


The subsequent vital welfares are provided:

  • Minimized improvement effort to file and code interfaces among structures, by providing approaches, best-practice information and shared tools and entries
  • Organized service to generate economies of scale for assignments
  • Power investments in EAI gears and further business goods exploiting their usage for cracking business requirements
    • Best recycle and upgrading of properties and assets common across assignments
  • A shared info artery linking applications and ventures in the association
    • A public XML Language standard pooled over every connections and reprocess of corporate object document standards
    • Instantaneous observing and organization competences for all machineries in an incorporation atmosphere, hands-on announcement and remedial activities for each part and provision of repeatable and consistent patterns
  • Condensed time-to-market by consistent and ecofriendly amenities.