Sourcing & Procurement Services

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Sourcing Solutions

Compute Corp Sourcing Solutions group aids you to extract internationally competitive dealers and efficiently accomplish supply chains and contractor dealings, by stretching your protracted arm for sourcing, locating and for contractor eminence assertion.

Client Challenges

  • Hastening of fresh creation
  • Classification and position of fresh bases of source that are competitive and greatly improve superiority, transport and provision
  • Decrease in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Acclimatize in rising marketplaces by obeying native content instructions

Compute Corp Provisions

  • Global Sourcing Program Management: We have provisions for the whole worldwide sourcing ingenuity of an association and accomplish the subsequent services:
    • Dealer recognition and screening
    • Dealer assessment and assortment
    • RFQ management and amount settlement
    • Improvement of pre-manufacture portion
    • Logistics and excellence provision
    • Complete manufacture and incessant development provision
  • Strategic Sourcing Assessment and Implementation: We perform an evaluation of present sourcing and procurement competences accompanied by an examination of expend. This evaluation is subsequently succeeded with the application of numerous sourcing policies to gain the latent reserves and profits.
  • Zero-based “Should Costing”: This comprises a thorough examination of the price fundamentals of a component/assembly/product to reach on just estimation of fair costs. We enable dealer discussions to persuade them of the figured should-cost, causing in savings for customers.
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Services: This comprises easing quality systems and OEM certifications, dealer reviews, and dealer growth and efficiency upgrading.
  • Prototype development: Our endwise service “Art to Part” instigates with software plan and manufacturing and finishes with assisting bulk production. It comprises sample development as a midway facility to demonstrate the project.

Business Value

  • Better class and provision with incessant development
  • Tactically positioned to found a position or achieve early entrance in emerging marketplaces