“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Teresa

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When it comes to running our company, we’re constantly looking for ways to minimize our environmental impact. We strive to become as efficient as possible in everything we do, from powering our computer centers to getting commuters to and from the office.


We collaborate to move the industry forward

Since long, we've repaired enough outdated servers to avoid buying over many new replacement machines. Before we buy new equipment and materials, we look alternative for ways to reuse existing equipment and materials. When we can’t find a alternate use for our equipment, we completely erase all components that store data, and then resell them into the market—giving our equipment a second life.

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Our high standards are certified

We're the major Internet services company to gain external certification of our high environmental, workplace safety and energy management standards throughout our computer centers. In a nutshell, these standards are built around a very simple concept: Say we plan our work and then we work as per plan with constant improvements..


We promote environment friendly commuting

We’ve built a green transportation system that includes biodiesel shuttles and the largest corporate electric vehicle charging system in the country. Every day, our shuttles keep thousands of commuters relieving from driving. Our on-campus car-sharing program includes the next generation of electric vehicles. We reward our self-powered commuters by donating to their favorite charities based on how often use their they bike or walk to work.

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We're committed to sustainable food

Compute Corp is committed to Provide nutritious, flavorful food to employees on all of our campuses worldwide. We provide healthy choices, local tastes and plenty of variety in the most responsibilities way possible. Social and environmental responsibility are built into every part of our food program: from the partnerships we develop with farmers and suppliers to our efforts to minimize waste.


We build greener, healthier workplaces

We work hard to create the healthiest, most productive work environments possible for our clients around the world. We create buildings with systems of optimum access to nature, clean air and daylight which function like living and breathing comfortably. Three of our key initiatives as part of this effort include eliminating dangerous substances, designing energy-efficient buildings and continually measuring and improving upon how we operate our buildings.

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