Pharmaceutical What We Can Do For You


'Computer Corp Pharmaceutical and Biotech Practice' is developed from the base of profound domain proficiency. Customers study our consulting systems to resolve their most intricate industry challenges, and for achieving the advantage of scale, economical and quicker time to promote with the established Computer Corp Global Delivery Model. We provide an all-inclusive collection of solutions for pharmacetutical and biotech businesses along the complete value chain – from drug finding to selling and advertising to product life cycle management. We concentrate on the following areas:

Business revolution: We support our clients to make the revolution that multiplies top-line returns – from re-developing supply chains to updating e-commerce systems. Besides great expertise in SAP packages, major solutions in our collection are Computer Corp Compliance Transformation solution, and Digital Marketing Services – which causes both sales profits yield and  for becoming consumer-centric.

Quickening innovation: We assist businesses to invest in rising digital and multi-channel marketing prospects with our revolutionary Digital Factor, which enables enterprises to modernize, enhance advertising efficiency, and recognize business value for each dollar, spent for promotion. Computer Corp Scientific Innovation solution improves R&D efficiency and encourages cooperation to vary the rate of innovation. We provide our expertise continuous product life cycle and  for creating solutions that fast-track the improvement of modern next-generation device programs, with the help of our well-built research section-Computer Corp Labs.

Effectual operations: Computer Corp has an established system in managing services, which is an outcome of our inevitable functions and capability to provide savings that are measurable. Whether it’s BPO and application maintenance services, or business-level structural design to optimize IT strategy, we’ve brought about substantial economic solutions for our customers and provided their procedures a shot in the arm.

Healthcare and life sciences

Computer Corp SAP Healthcare and Life Sciences exercise deals in facilities and solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and linked businesses. We offer systems integration, application and data integration, design of business workflow, and improvement of Web facilities by means of leading-edge skills.


  • Best practices grounded on services designed by squads containing pharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians, scientists, and consultants
  • Endwise services that report to the adversaries over the value chain